SR22 Insurance in Iowa

Is there anyone from Iowa who can possibly walk me through with filing an SR22 Iowa due to DUI conviction?


Cedar Rapids, IA

The Iowa DMV and the Secretary of the State of Iowa require each driver owning a vehicle in the state of Iowa to maintain insurance. Non-owner insurance can also be maintained if there is no vehicle owned and the state can mandate SR22 insurance on an individual to track the progress of a given policy if the circumstances exist.

SR22 Iowa requirements are usually given for 2 years, and can be purchased in several forms. Common to all of these is the participation by the state to insure compliance of all citizens with corresponding financial responsibility.

This is also to keep participants honest about maintaining their policies without lapse.

License will immediately be suspended if an SR22 Iowa policy is taken out to release the license, and then canceled prior to the state mandated finish date. In exchange for a valid license in Iowa, you agree to maintain at least state minimum liability in some form with an SR22 attached.

So long as you keep the selected policy in place and renew on-time your license will stay valid in Iowa IA. You can drop the policy eventually if you will complete the time frame required by the state of Iowa. The state of Iowa participates in the SR22 system of communication in order to monitor the insurance policies of select citizens, including from Cedar Rapids.

Helpful tips to getting a lower rate on SR22 Iowa auto insurance are:

1. Clean up your credit report and score, since many carriers are now using that date to determine your premiums.

2. Clean up your driving record, take defensive driving if that will help…in which many cases it will

3. Ask for discounts, AARP, Military, good students, credit unions and fraternal organizations etc.

4. Combine your homeowners insurance and auto insurance with the same carrier.

5. Be determined to shop around, use the form on this site to help in your search for cheaper SR22 Iowa insurance agents.

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